Will Sellari (cutoffhisarm) wrote,
Will Sellari

A clear shoreline

I'm glad that Livejournal is a little hidden place, like an address at the beach no one visits that you send postcards full of confessions and secrets. There was a point where I imagine I wrote here for people, but that day is long gone. The internet is bigger and more socially complicated now, which makes this a perfect destination again. 

Here's what happened when I looked to my friend's page...

Now, is this a sign it's time to pack up and leave? I doubt it. I think it means I can be a little less inhibited.

Which leads me to my next point. Abandoned accounts are so lovely. They're little time machines of people I miss more than I could even begin to explain on here. 1994 I know where you've gone, you're the old 2002 of my internet heart.

That's all for now,
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