Will Sellari (cutoffhisarm) wrote,
Will Sellari


So, here's the sad thing about Victoria Jackson. The only thing that makes you crazier than being famous is almost being famous. It's a series of desperate attempts to cling to the fame you once almost had because you spend the rest of your life thinking that any amount of notoriety is what will get you called up from off the bench. I really miss the kind hearted little lady in UHF. But this limelight she's gotten for being all tea party and nuts is both destroying her and fueling her. In a perfect world this would be some sort of Andy Kaufman type piece, designed to show people how backwards thinking a lot of our country is. Sadly, I doubt that's the case. Instead we see what the addiction to attention does to a person's ability to reason.

Comedy, of all things, is one of the loneliest and introspective arts people have devised, but also ultimately at the end of the day you can make people laugh or smile. Victoria's abandonment of this idea and her subsequent revival as some sort of religious crusading right winger is what is almost equally as saddening. Before too long that little lady with a ukulele will just be know as the tragedy of Vicky, the gymnast comedian who, in the end, turned into the wrong kind of clown.
Tags: america is dead, american tale, celebrity, christians, obama, sadness, tea party, tragedy, twitter, victoria jackson
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