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Will Sellari


Thank you for choosing Cox Communications. A representative will be with you shortly.

All agents are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes and 16 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

You are now chatting with 'Aaron L.'.

Aaron L.: Welcome to Cox Online Technical Support. I will be assisting you throughout this chat session.

Aaron L.: I understand you are having difficulties with your online account. Is that correct?

William: Hello Aaron

Aaron L.: Hello William.

William: yeah, it won't let me sign in, says my email isn't right

William: won't let me reset anything either

Aaron L.: I am glad to assist you today.

Aaron L.: I have verified and there is no User ID under your account.

William: So when I try to create a new account, it tells me there is already one?

Aaron L.: No. There is no User ID under your account.

William: So, I have an online account but I don't have a user ID so I can't sign into the online account?

Aaron L.: What username are you using to login?

William: I haven't been using one, I've just been trying to get it to email me my user ID but it tells me that's the wrong email address?

William: This is what it tells me when I try to sign up for a user ID

William: "A User ID already exists for this account number. Please sign in with your User ID and password to update your profile and account settings."

Aaron L.: In this case, if you want, I would like to help you creating your cox online account as you wish?

William: that would be fantastic

Aaron L.: May I have the User ID of your preference?

William: williamsellari

Aaron L.: Preferred contact email? Is XXX@enginesroar.com fine for you?

William: that's perfect

Aaron L.: Account Holder XXX was successfully created.
The new password for williamsellari is XXX.

Aaron L.: Let me know if you are able to access, please.

William: seems to think my my name is Anne Bender when I log in?

William: Anne Bender Account #: 5414067649602

Aaron L.: No. It is under William Sellari. 001-5310067649602

William: I understand

William: but when I log in as williamsellari it takes me to Anne Bender's account

Aaron L.: Allow me a moment, please.

William: If you'd like Aaron I can send you a screen shot

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 10.11.35 PM

Aaron L.: Um...


Aaron L.: Great! Is there anything else I can do for you?

William: Can you make my service free for the next, let's say, ten years?

Aaron L.: Well.. In this case... What about if I add HBO for $5 per month?

William: I don't have cable, but would that be for a HBO-GO account?

Aaron L.: Yes, but you'll need Cable service.

William: All I have is internet :(

William: we stream all our television

Aaron L.: That's fine then.

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