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"You're my lady Meat Loaf"


It starts here:

Seems sort of legit, plus that's a fine price....



And this is followed by a fairly prompt response from Bonnie A. Jones!


The camera  is Brand New in Box, have all the accessories and comes with 1 year US Warranty . I have 3 cameras available.
The price for one  is $1,100.00 US included shipping taxes and all charges . I will take 3000$ for all 3.
I am from New York,since i am not from your area i propose you a safe transaction.
If you are interested, look how we do business, as both to be protected :

 1. I will forward the details of our transaction at eBay.
 2. They will process the transaction and  send you the Payment Invoice and the transaction details.
 3. You must make payment at eBay, so i can be sure that you are serious and Have the money. I won't be able to access the money.
 4. eBay  confirm me that payment has been received.
 5. Once i have the confirmation from eBay, I will  send you the package. Delivery time: 2 working days.
 6. After you receive the package you will have 5 days to inspect and test the item.
 7. If you accept the item, eBay will release me the money.
 8. If you decide to NOT to keep the item for any reason, eBay refund your full payment within 24 hours.

* So, You send  the money at eBay; gets it and saves it for 10 days; eBay confirm me that you have paid, I send you the product in a couple of days; You receive it, look at it and see that everything is perfect and as you expect, and you can see that  is not a scam; If everything is correct, you let them know to release the funds to me ; If something does not convince you (it is not what you expect, damaged, etc), you can return the product purchased from me and eBay will refund you in 24 hours.

 - This deal is 100% safe for both parts. eBay is an independent third party; they hold the money (ensure your money until receive the package).
 - I used this method one week ago and everything was great, I was very pleased; because is very safe.
 - If you want more information, i need your personal details (name, address, city, zip code, country, phone number). As soon i have your details, i will inform eBay about our transaction; and they will contact you directly with Payment Invoice and the transaction details.
Please reply if you have more questions.

So, let's do the math, craigslist post in Winston Salem, from a North Dakota phone number for a girlfriend who's apparently in New York who wants to do a shady transaction through eBay somehow? But there was also this...


...to this...


...so familiar, like it was like when I looked at her face there was this drunk memory of her materializing in front of me everytime I was at Karaoke whether I summoned her or not, Bonnie A. Jones... Bonnie Jones... Bonnie...


from: William Sellari williamsellari@gmail.com
to: "Bonnie A. Jones" <brekiisx@gmail.com>
date: Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Re: Canon 5D

Bonnie, I heard this saying once that if it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. Right now I need you more than ever.

I'm scared Bonnie. I want to be holding on forever. I understand the need for the alias, a woman as beautiful and talented as you.

It was really rather brillant to have your "boyfriend" post that in North Carolina from your vacation phone in North Dakota. What are

you doing in New York? Are you planning a show? I feel like I'm always in the dark about these things. You and Kate both. Do you

know her? I bet you do! You're famous, you probably took 1-3 photos of her on the multiple Canons you have....

But a tour? Wow! Can I help?!! I can do video and play bass! Together we can take your upcoming tour to the end of the line!

Oh, Bonnie. I don't know what to do, I feel like after that email about camera I'm always in the dark.

Scared and sad not that you don't really have those cameras but even more scared that you're not really Bonnie Tyler. The same

songstress who's songs have touched my heart on so many occasions. You're my lady Meat Loaf. I used to imagine us running

through the fields in the UK together, hand in hand, each with 2-3 Canon 5D Mark IIIs around our necks. I'm fragile Bonnie and I'm

lying like a child in your arms. Our bodies covered in Rocks and Honey. Your love is like a shadow of a Canon cinema lens falling

over me all the time.

What is this nightmare world I've awoken into? There's nothing I can say...

Why can't we see each other like we were meant to, in Special optical technologies like 61-Point High Density Reticular.

Bonnie, can you hear me? Bonnie, I need you more than ever. I need to know we're more than just our megapixels. Please call me,

I'll be holding on...forever....



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