Will Sellari (cutoffhisarm) wrote,
Will Sellari

Dream Journal

Your wishes become those for your children and in turn something else begins to grow. In the guiltless multiverse that is your dreams, you own a shop in the city. A boutique that even surprised you in it's rise to success and establishing you amongst the elite. In your store are three punk kids. Two of them are girls and will be overwhelmingly gorgeous in about two years. The third is some punk kid, rich and talking shit about you and your store. They're all dressed for a church or to be members of the senate or simply rich. You put your arm around the boy as a gesture of camaraderie, then proceeding saying something witty you begin to choke him. The choke is somewhere between a darce choke and an arm triangle and as he struggles to speak you notice the girls passively enjoying this because you're older and famous. You tell him you don't fit into his world but right now he's in yours and you don't give a shit if he can't breath or ever will again. Finally you let him go, a girl you remember is there and she takes you by the arm. Grabbing a change of pants out of a ziplock bag from your store you head out into the night. You make your way to a reunion of friends. It's a large refinished warehouse space and they all appear to be celebrating. You kiss you friend several times, passionately. It just feels nice, so you do it again. It's as friendly as a hug so you move on. That's when you see her, and in this world you don't have the same rules, she can be yours. As you approach you're greeted by another friend from the city and he inquires about your plans; quite frankly you tell him it's her and you begin to walk away.
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